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Educational Travel Tuesday Trivia – “Lovely Spring”

By Ashley Hiemenz


This week’s trivia question: What Rococo palace in Vienna, Austria translates to “Lovely Spring”?

Leave your answer below.

Click Here for the answer to last week’s question: What medieval city in France is known as “the Venice of the Savoie”?

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Teach Through Educational Travel: Santorini

By Jessie V

Teach Through Educational Travel: Santorini | The Educated Traveler | WorldStrides International Discovery


Hear the word Santorini, and what do you think? Blues, white buildings, great food – and a volcano? Indeed! Santorini is one of the most famous islands in Greece, and is the largest chunk of a former island that the volcano blew up into smaller islands, forming a caldera. The volcanic eruption was one of the largest in history, 3,600 years ago. Some say that this eruption is the source of the myth of Atlantis. There have been other eruptions from this volcano since then, but not as large. Another fun fact – there are only two places in Europe that have a hot desert climate – Santorini and Anafi!

Santorini has a long history with a variety of cultures – Greek, Minoan, Roman, the Byzantine Empire, the Crusaders, who gave the island the name we know today (Santorini for Saint Irene), and the Ottoman Empire. The island was reunited with Greece in 1830.


Teach Through Educational Travel

  • While there are many things to see and do in Santorini (beaches, food, scenery), one must-see is the town of Akrotiri, a Minoan town preserved in volcanic ash, similar to Pompeii. You can see the excavation site, and the well-preserved ruins. Standing there, you can imagine what it was like to live there in Ancient Greece. Then head to the town of Fira, to the Museum of Prehistoric Thira and the Archaeological Museum. Here, you can see artifacts recovered from excavations, and learn their meanings and purpose. Watch this video of Ancient Akrotiri and then check out these photos. Have you ever wanted to be an archaeologist? What would you enjoy most – the discovery of history, or the discovery of daily life (although they are the same, aren’t they?)?
  • Watch this video about Santorini and then peruse this article by a traveler. If you went to Santorini, what would you be most interested in exploring?
  • Can you imagine that food grown on a volcanic island with very little fresh water sources would be good? Indeed! Take a look at the foods that grow on Santorini. Discuss the particular challenges of farming on an island of volcanic rock.

This lesson was contributed by Jessie Voigts, get to know her! Want more lesson ideas? See last week’s Teach Through Educational Travel: Annecy, France - perfect for your next classroom activity.

We’d love to hear your ideas! If you’ve completed a similar classroom activity, tell us about it by leaving a comment below. You could be our next guest blogger!

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Fun-d-raising (Part 2)

By Michael

Fundraising (part 2) | The Educated Traveler | WorldStrides International Discovery

If you read the first part of this blog, Fun-d-raising (Part 1), then you know I view fundraising as more than raising funds. The key points I covered were:

  • raising funds (obviously!)
  • personal growth in responsibility, organization, entrepreneurship, and self-respect
  • communication to the community about your undertaking and its value

While each of the points above are awesome on their own, think how much better they could be together, harnessed within one amazing fundraising idea! Well, these following suggestions are just that, so get excited.

Stock Options

Here’s how this works–

Students sell shares of stock in the trip. The idea came from art teacher Cindy van Lieu, and has already spawned some innovative offspring. Students are given stock shares to sell, literal paper shares that include an invitation to a great “sharing” event post trip. The sharing is a dinner, and while it’s a pot luck, Cindy provides a huge starter central portion of the meal.  Folks come to hear about how the trip went (their investment) and many come to ponder joining the following year’s travel adventure.

The approach works really well with annual trips, and could clearly be adapted (and already has) for trips that go every other or every third year.  But what do you do if there has not yet been a trip to share, or you want to sell shares well after the sharing event?

Get Creative

Art + Travel = a great idea.  How can you “sell” a donation?  Mix the aforementioned art with what might be seen and experienced on the upcoming trip, and then turn it into a decorative share of stock one can buy.  Buying a share of a trip is one way to turn a donation into a purchase of sorts, the chance to own stock in the life-enhancing educational experience to be had by the students. …Imagine pen and ink drawings done in cooperation or competition by the traveling students, then promoted for sale.

What else might decorate the drawn border of the stock shares?  Perhaps the many animals one might see in Costa Rica, or on the Galapagos Islands.  Or the structures of Gaudi for a trip to Barcelona and Spain.  If a tour is going to four cities, perhaps each corner or side of a share is devoted to each city.  Likewise if four countries. Asking for a donation for nothing in return is difficult.  In comparison, giving something creative and worth keeping changes the dynamic.

Each of the ideas in our fundraising ideas collection booklet can be altered or stretched or reinvented. Dive in and see what I mean.

Also, I think our FLAG Foundation aid and the Gift of Education letter approach are likely the two most consistently lucrative for the funds part, so don’t forget to check those out as well.

And, don’t forget to share any of your great ideas below!

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