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2014 International Teacher Conventions

By Julia B

Have you decided on a destination for your 2014 International Teacher Convention? Prepare to be treated to the sights, culture, food, and history of one of our six exciting international destinations. Can you think of anything better than a little getaway mid school year? I can’t!

Are you uncertain on whether you want to go on a teacher convention? This is the best opportunity to get the feel for life on tour and with accommodations, flights, tours, breakfast, and two dinners included, who wouldn’t want to take part? Above all, the goal of a teacher convention is for you to have a truly unique experience in a spectacular location – you don’t even have to hang out with us if you don’t want to!

So what are you waiting for?! Check out upcoming destinations and get enrolling! For each participant you enroll on a 2014 program by June 1, 2013 you earn 100 points. Points are exchangeable for convention places and cash stipends. Find out how much you need to earn for a convention spot.

WorldStrides International Discovery Teacher Convention to Guatemala

Guatemala is known for its strong Mayan and Spanish colonial influences. Explore Antigua’s historic monuments, the area’s textiles and handcrafts, and the local indigenous villages. Visit Tikal National Park and step back in time as you tour the majestic Mayan city. Experience all the cultural and historic treasures that Guatemala has to offer!

WorldStrides International Discovery Teacher Convention to Iceland

It’s like no other place on earth: The lush landscape of Iceland, from steaming waters to snow-capped mountains, will captivate you with its natural wonders. Relax in waters heated by the earth’s core and feel your heart race with thundering waterfalls. You’ll be amazed by the breathtaking sights of Iceland’s natural and geological beauty!

WorldStrides International Discovery Teacher Convention to London

London is the capital of the United Kingdom, and a city
steeped in history, royalty, and tradition. Cosmopolitan
London boasts some of the world’s greatest theater, art, and museums. (Plus Harrods!) Enjoy fish and chips with new friends and colleagues, while you take in the all that London has to offer.
WorldStrides International Discovery Teacher Convention to Lyon

Lyon is often called the “gastronomic capital of France”. After visiting the city’s “bouchons” (restaurants unique to the area that specialize in traditional Lyonnaise fare), take in the picturesque quality of France’s third largest city. Enjoy the renaissance-era architecture, Roman ruins, and views of the Alps while strolling the newly renovated docklands.

WorldStrides International Discovery Teacher Convention to Madrid

The Spanish capital combines a long and proud history,
exquisite art and a vibrant modern culture. The historic
plazas and monuments blend with the new and modern
in the city’s busy neighborhoods. Experience drama and intensity like never before when your feet hit the ground in beautiful Madrid.
WorldStrides International Discovery Teacher Convention to Rome

The “Eternal City” is an incredible mix of the legacy of
the ancient Roman Empire, the heart of the Roman
Catholic Church, and the thriving capital of modern Italy.
Immerse yourself in the culture, cuisine, and hospitality beautiful Rome.

Qualify for your convention today! Not planning a WorldStrides International Discovery program for 2014, but you still want to go on an International Teacher Convention? If you refer a colleague and they travel with us, you can still win a free convention spot! Never traveled with us, but interested in conventions? Enter to win a free convention here!

Check out highlights from this past year’s conventions or view the albums on our Facebook page!

Have you been on an WorldStrides International Discovery Teacher Convention? We’d love to hear what you thought. Leave a message below!



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