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Tours to The Americas


Walk in the footsteps of the Incas and explore the amazing lost city of Machu Picchu in Peru. Uncover centuries of civilization as you delve into Mayan and Aztec remains in Mexico. Walk in a cloud forest, see an active volcano, and discover Costa Rica with an itinerary that includes visiting a local school and studying Spanish. Colorful, vibrant Buenos Aires awaits; taste the city’s incredible food and learn to tango. Tour the Galapagos Islands and San Juan, Puerto Rico.

On an educational tour to the Americas, you’ll have the time of your life taking part in fun, exciting LEAP activities like:



Tortilla Bake and Taste
Cook authentic tortillas with Mexican chefs. Discover the tortilla’s historic role in the local diet and its links to the Aztecs.
Mexican School Visit!
Journey to a Mexican school; learn about the culture and teach them about yours, as you practice your Spanish with the local students and teachers.
Ox Cart Crafts
A local artisan introduces you to the origins of traditional Costa Rican craftmaking, such as Ox Cart painting. Try your own hand at painting and take home your art as a souvenir.
Weaving Culture
Step into the Andean world and discover the significant role textiles play in Peruvian culture. Learn how to spin, dye and weave the fabrics that identified social and ethnic groups, and recorded important events. Create a small souvenir of your own and take a piece of Peru home with you.
Dance of the Tropics
Move your body to the music and rhythms of the tropics. Learn the dance inspired by salsa and a fusion of African and European styles.